My lifejacket business is drowning!

2014-07-17 - 06:17 | Internet |

“Open a new business,” they said, “you have the business sense!”

So, like a fool, I did. You would think that a life-jacket rental service on the beach would make a killing. It is a killing for certain. It is killing my life’s savings.

One more month like this and I will loose everything I have, had and will have. My grandchildren won’t be able to rent a movie because of my bad credit.

“Time to do what I always do when bad things happen, I shall surf the Internet!” Grumbling, I turn on the computer. My default homepage opens. Since it is my ISP company, there is an advertisement. Normally I ignore ads, but this one catches my eye.

“Is your business going under like a sandcastle during a hurricane? Contact us today for help!” I read out loud to no one. It is an ad for SEO Brussels consultancy help.

Curious, I click and read. Maybe, just maybe it will help me.

Around The House Projects

2014-06-14 - 03:36 | Home Improvement |

For years we knew that our bathroom needed some repairs so we decided that we were going to completely renovate it. Our budget was very tight so we did a lot of the repairs on our own. We removed the vanity and the bathtub to start out with. We went to a local store and picked out the new color that we were going to paint our bathroom with. We picked out new tile to apply to the old looking floor.

We didn’t think we would be able to accomplish putting the new bathtub in so we had bathroom installers Bolton take care of that project for us. We picked out a design so that we could take either a shower or a bath. The installation went quickly and were able to use our bathroom right away.